Manage Goods liste for trading gamplays


I’m new in this forum and a beginner in Unreal Engine 5.
I would like to create a trading gameplay in my game. For that I need to create a goods structure (name, price, weigh) and array of goods structure with all of them (iron, copper, food…).
Each marketplace have the same array modified with the modified price (for example, iron price x 0.8).
I would like to have a data table of all the price modifier for all Market (row: name of goods, column: name of marketplace). I need more than 200 markets.
But I don’t found solution to multiply the price from the Goods structure array whit the right modifier from the data table.

Do you have a solution to do that or a best process to manage goods price in each market. I’m not sure is a proper use of data table.

Sorry for my English, it’s not my native language.