MALWARE linked posts, but still no way to REPORT it

[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] - @Kalvothe - @Amanda.Bott

Just reporting the latest MALWARE BOT: ellascottgm123

Four of these MALWARE linked posts in one go, and still no way to REPORT it, seriously - WTF?
This has been going on for months now. Official threads do not let you Flag or Report anything!
You gotta feel sorry for new users who complain it takes too long to get their own posts vetted.
300 million raked it on Fortnite last month alone, was it? Yet still skeleton crew resources here!

Thanks for bringing that up - I’ve passed it on. For whatever reason, I am also unable to delete those posts, though I could ban the user and at least edit them.

The posts have now been deleted, thanks @franktech!

These spam posts can be difficult to spot, some of them are even relevant to the discussion taking place.

Can you please confirm you are not able to Flag posts? Was it just those posts, or any posts? It should be in the lower right of every post.


EDIT: Oh nvm, just noticed it’s only announcement threads… Yeah, that needs to be fixed.

@DotCam @ambershee

Cheers guys… Here’s another one

Thank you @franktech! It has been purged :slight_smile:

Epic is looking into the no flag issue, will let you know when they have a fix

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@Amanda.Bott @Kalvothe [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER]

**There’s still no way to report Spam / Malware in ‘Official’ Epic Threads.
How do posts like this keep getting through without action from mods…

I reported this one since its ‘user created’. It was taken down quickly:…wilder-vs-fury

But these two from the same Bot are just left, with no way to report it:**

@franktech I’ve gone and removed the two reported.

As for not being able to report on official Epic threads, I’ll look at that on Monday.



Thanks! This was something that was broken after the 2017 forum upgrade.
So it was before your time I believe. However I’m sure it worked before then…

Yeah, it’s been broken for a while. For the record we can’t delete those posts either, but if you do reach out to us we can at least delete the actual content and ban user.

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@Kalvothe [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER]


**There’s still no way to report Spam / Malware on the forums.
Clicking the ‘Flag’ option in threads only generates an error.
How do posts like those from the BOT below still get through?

There’s even Spam / Malware links from 2019 in those threads!!!
Just hovering over the links posted with scripts on can do harm.
Default setting on most browsers is set to pre-load / open socket**.


Waiting for that error to be fixed. I cannot delete posts, same error.

Managed to delete all the posts and ban them.

For the record, flag reports do go through and we do see them.