Mali Graphics Debugger for GearVR


I’m desperate in my attempts to trace OpenGL drawcalls that UE4 makes on Samsung Galaxy S6 through Mali Graphics Debugger.

Unfortunately, I can’t get it running. I installed mgddaemon, I can connect to it from my PC via USB. I also managed to load the MGD .so on startup by modifying file of UE4 Android package.

After starting my application, the interceptor claims that it can’t find the relocation table:

I/mgd_daemon(30624): (30696): InterceptorConnection: Initializing interceptor connection
I/mgd_daemon(30624): (30696): Daemon: onInterceptorConnected
I/mgd_daemon(30624): (30759): InterceptorConnection: Interceptor connection waiting
I/mgd_interceptor(30713): (30733): DuplicateLibraryDetector: First interceptor loaded
I/libMGD  (30713): Initialising interceptor.
E/libMGD  (30713): Couldn't locate relocations table
E/libMGD  (30713): Couldn't locate relocations table
I/libMGD  (30713): Patching GLES and EGL entry points.

After printing this to log for roughly a minute, the application crashes.

I’ve seen Niklas Smedberg mentioning in a GDC presentation about UE4 on mobile his using of MGD. Does anyone have some experience with using this tool with UE4?

UPDATE: I’ve managed to run it after upgrading to MGD 3.2.0