Making your character a slingshot launch

Hey guys,

So I’m making a game where the main character is a rolling ball but he is made out of a jello like substance (still working on how to make him squishy) and I wanted the character’s first ability to be a jump forward. To be a bit more specific: The character is a ball of goo with eyes, a nose, and a mouth suspended in the goo. I would like to have the “1” key attached to starting the ability so that when I hold down the “1” key it allows me to use the mouse to control the trajectory of the launch. As far as the animation goes it should look like the back of the goo is being stretched out an when you release the 1 key the character snaps back into place and shoots forward. That’s a ton i know and I’m not sure how to set up the animations for all of it or the launch with controls itself.