Making sure a procedural generated mesh is updated before next frame in C++

I am trying to make sure my volumetric mesh is updated every frame.
However, the tick event doesn’t let me update before the next frame updates.
I end up with frames not having the right geometry I need them to have.
Is there any way or any event where I can update my procedural mesh component before the next frame is presented?

You might want to take a look into engine source code for examples on FRenderCommandFence and ENQUEUE_UNIQUE_RENDER_COMMAND_ macros to do what you want instead of using ticks.

Is it possible to copy a UMediaTexture into a UTexture without going through the CPU? That could have solved my issue.
This way I can copy the video texture to a “offscreen” texture so I don’t have to worry the video changing the texture while I present it.

I think you’d need some kind of material / shader for that.
GPU stuff isn’t my area so I have no idea :slight_smile: