Making start menus and changing current level


I am currently making a small game which consists of different small stages I have finished writing all the game.

I need help regarding the start menus of the game and changing levels.

1st question.
So is start menu of a game just another map? And when I launch the game, do I need to make another player controller for the startmenu?
And when the player starts the game, change level and spawn another player controller for my main game?

2nd question.
When level changing is called from the the game mode, how can I attach a loading screen in my game? And when the level is changed or restarted the game mode remains the same right?

For question 1, you can use GameMode for that. You create a “MainMenu” game mode where mouse cursor is visible and player input is disabled.
For 2, if you didn’t change anything on your configs, your game will load levels on the background thus loading screens are not really needed or won’t be on screen for long since levels are loading while you play the current one.

Ok thanks…

Have a look at the ShooterGame example. They have a pretty good implementation for a main menu and menu in general. A lot of Slate stuff to figure out though :wink: