making collider react to clicks but not affect navmesh or block actors

I want to make a blueprint that places a collider and mesh in the world.
I want the collider to not block navmesh or actor movement, although triggering is fine.
I want actor raycasts to pass through them (for things like visibility detection) without getting hit.
I do, however, want the collider to be clickable with the mouse when input mode is Game Only or Game + UI.

I haven’t found the right combination of collider flags to set to make the collider behave like I want.
I can set a “block all” mode that makes clicking work, but makes it block raycasts and navigation and movement.
Or I can set an “overlap all” mode that makes raycast and navigation and movement go through, but doesn’t seem to get picked up by the click events.

Here’s what I have so far:



For what it’s worth, the GUI click seems to depend entirely on the setting of the WorldDynamic Block channel response.
What other things are tracing on that channel?