Making an AI move using Paragon Assets


So I currently have an AI that has the proper Behavior Tree, Blackboard, AI Controller, etc. It is using the Gideon mesh and animations. However, whenever I use any sort of AI movement node in the BT, the animation for running does not play. He just sort of glides across the floor.

Does anyone know if this is something specific to Paragon assets? I can manually trigger an animation, but cannot seem to get movement animations to play when he’s moved by the AI Controller.

Thanks in advance!

The Behavior Tree move node will use the navigation system to move the character’s capsule (root component) along the path determined by navigation. So you are just basically moving the capsule. Animations have no role in this.

You could manually trigger various animations, but what you really want is to implement an AnimBlueprint than can query the character to determine it’s speed and heading. With that info you can then set various animations and blendspaces to play as appropriate. In this scheme the AnimBlueprint is not aware of the BehaviorTree and vice versa. They can act independently and allow you to use the same BT for many different characters.