Making a VR representation of the new University!

Hey all,

Currently Im working on making a VR representation of a 13 story building.
And offcourse, I am running into some troubles.

Revit > Export DWG > 3DS Max Import > Export FBX > Import Unreal.

I am creating floor by floor 3D view DWG exports for 3dsMax.
Each scene has about 5000 objects in it.

Whenever I import the DWG as Hieriarchal nodes split on material I get a niceley created scene. with materials etc.
Exporting this as is as an fbx results in the following:

Unreal imports all the items but only unique assets are displayed. Resulting in only 1! occurence of the item whenever I drag them into the Unreal Editor.
So I basically only have half the scene, and no materials on them. ( I recieve the message that materials cant be exported to fbx as soon as I export the fbx from 3ds Max )

Whenever I import as in situation one, everything has materials, tho whenever I impiort the DWG into 3dsmax as a single object all materials get lost. BUT. Importing a single mesh into the Unreal environment is way easier.
Is there a way of “baking” the textures of the situation#1 scene, and placing them onto the single model?

Dear all, ofcourse I am not asking for you to make my assignment, but as I’ve seen on the internet a lot of questions rise with these problems. I am writing my thesis about this, whenever the job is done I’ll post full report on solutions and problems which might help people in the future.

I hope any of you got some tips for me !