Making a start menu with a previously made project

Hey everyone, I’m somewhat new to Unreal, and I just completed a beginner’s tutorial to learn the basics. In the tutorial, I created a game as the teacher gave instructions. I think I have a pretty strong knowledge of the basics, but I still am definitely not an expert. Currently, I’m upgrading my game as I start to learn more and more about the engine. In the tutorial, a main/start menu isn’t included. I wanted to add that to my game, but can’t seem to find a solution, even though it seems so simple. At first, I just made a main menu level along with a widget blueprint, then tried using custom events to get it to work. The problem I keep running into is that the HUD of the main game doesn’t get displayed to the viewport after you click the play/start button in the main menu. In addition to that, the pause menu isn’t displayed to the viewport when the game is paused. Only the mouse cursor shows and the game itself is paused. Another solution that I tried was using event dispatchers. Those didn’t work either. I am new to them, so there could be something that I did wrong to mess it up. I was wondering if there is a simple solution for this (I imagine there will be) or if anyone might know a way to get around this roadblock. Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Here is good beginner tutorial on a main menu and pause menu

I looked at that video, but my problem is still occurring. The HUD for the main level doesn’t show. Is there a custom event similar to an “On Construct” for the level blueprint? Then I could use that to display that HUD.

There is a Level blueprint for each level that gets run when that level is loaded. You can place a event begin play in that BP and it will run on level load.

Also I found it easier if I avoid switching HUDs out and just use widgets then add them to the viewport. In most cases you can use the same HUD throughout your game.

Try Making a blank new game and fallow the tutorial and see if you can get it to work the way you want.