Making a Shotgun


I couldn’t find a tutorial on how to make a shotgun using blueprints.

The problems lay with the projectiles: how to make many appear at once: the projectile itself is a combination of various? or is it spawning multiple times one projectile?
Solving that how can I make the projectiles spread? Where to do it?

Here is my blueprint for the shooting:


for the spreading you can modify your rotator with a random value limited by a range node for pitch and yaw, then make a rotator out of it. as for spawning multiple bullet, you would have to create a (loop for) and set how much time you want it to loop, wich would trigger the span bullet multiple times.

thanks for the reply!

As for the multiple bullet spawn i did this:


I’m pretty new at this so i don’t understand the first part about the spreading. Could you explain better, if you please?

okay done it. thanks