making a game and some questions

Hi there.
I am making a hello neighbor style game. I have mad a house/map. I am making everything in blender just pointing that out. Anyway I have made two characters. My question is should i make like doors and cupboards that you can hide in in blender or in UE4. Because I am so confused on this. I made my models in blender and I want to know how to move them over as assets to UE4 so I can start to do the “coding” part of my game now. What do you think should be my next step? I currently have a house two character with no skeleton or animation just the plain T-pose and two beds. What should I add or do to be able to finish my game?

thank you

You can import your Blender models to Unreal un FBX format. Then once the mesh is imported, you can create Blueprints that use the mesh to add functionality.