Making a 3rd person controller from blank New Project

Hi there

Im a newbie and getting really frustrated by not being able to copy the 3rd person controller (or any i guess) by starting a new blank project.

I open new project with the starter content.

I create a Character BluePrint and have copy the setup in the actual 3rd person controller i.e. ArrowComp, Mesh, SpringArm, Camera

I create a MyGame BluePrint with Gamemode and ensure that the Default Pawn Class is MyCharacter as above.

I create the MoveRight and MoveUp axis in the the project settings.

This is how the 3rd person blue print is set up as far as i can see. But before i even get to doing the blueprint coding i run into my problem: I press play and instead of seeing my character (a sphere or i did import the actually character as used in the proper controller too) i see the usual point of view from the playerstart. Why is the camera not showing me the view as per the component i made in the blueprint?

Im sure I’m missing something simple here. But i feel uneasy pushing forward with out first knowing i can build even just a really simple character controller myself.

Again - its not the blueprints I’m having trouble with. There are examples here and i can see the ones in the defaults. Its the fact that the camera doesnt take the view of the character as my blueprint component would seem to ask and as the default one does.

Of course i could just use the default but i want to know what I’m missing here!


3rd Person Camera

I found a tutorial for the 3rd person camera, I thought that maybe the process of this might help draw parallels between the the built in controller and the new one you’re trying to make, here’s the article, Hope this helped.