Making 2D games ? Is it true?

Ive been watching some unreal videos about 2d platformer games. Is this possible to do in reallity i mean ?

Like making a simple 2d castlevania game without being swimming into piles and piles of scripts just to make a simple dash or double jump ?

Simple jump is included. Double jump will need coding.

huumm… right…
Is the code made in a compiler ? In the videos iam seeing it looks some sort of boxes connected to each other…

Its visual “blueprint” coding. I have no clue how to code something but if you read that code you can understand what it does.

From the videos it seems more easy, but i also dont have a clue… Ive been searching engines and there was one that had a function called Annal.

Its easy only when you learn all existing nodes/combinations for all purposes.

ok… ill will give it a try i just hope i wont get stuck on markething when the tutorials run out