Make the Retarget Manager More Accessible

Hey Epic,

Thanks for making Unreal Engine 4 so awesome! I Love It!

I think every aspect of UE4 is pretty straight forward and I found the retarget manager the only thing to be quite tedious. And I think very simple tweaks can significantly improve the workflow and prevent carpal tunnel!

Here are my suggestions/requests:

  • If a Bone is already assigned, please hide it from the “Pick Bone” drop down menus. This way we don’t have to scroll through the same bones over and over again -_-
  • Allow multiple bone selection and assignment. It’s a royal pain to select every single bone to match to another. Why not create a drag and drop interface? That way we can just drag and drop the matching bones and hit save!
  • Allow us to import/export the bones. This one is a no brainer. We certainly could copy paste the skeletons from another project, but it might not always be possible.