Make the movement component ignore characters

Hello, so i have a project where the player will stand on a ship for most of the game (the “ship” is of type pawn). The ships got a floating pawn movement, and each time the player (or any character) gets too close to a wall, the ship will stop moving. I belive that the ship detects the player as some kind of obstacle. Any way i can prevent this? Like a function to stop the floating pawn movement from detecting the actors of type character (including the player). I think about adding a collision box to stop the player from even nearing the walls, but i do not belive that this is the best way to do this. Any suggestions?

P.S.: Sorry for my grammar, english is not my main languange.

I think you can solve your problem by setting up correctly your collision channels.

Collision filtering
Collision reference

If i change the collision settings to make the ship ignore the player, the player won’t be able to stand on the ship.

Having a Player stand on a Moving Platform (Ship) without being formally attached (with Collision disabled and / or sharing collision) can lead to lots of side affects and issues in general. Don’t have a clear picture of why ‘walls’ would stop the Ship because of the Player though, so why not include a screenshot… Are the bounds of the Player larger than the Ship? How does the Floating Pawn Movement code work right now too…

Moving platforms must override character velocity, it’s a PhysX thing.

I am quite new to c++. I know how to override a function, but i do not really understand where do i find this velocity. Is it a function or something inside the character class? I searched but i was unable to find any documentation.

There are tons of CMC functions you can experiment with, you can check the API here:

Thanks for your help!