Make StaticMesh the Root for the Actor // Stimuli and Spawned items // Distinguish

Hi, I have one or two questions.

I am pretty much new to Unreal Engine and I am currently working on an AI as an aim to experiment. I managed to create the AI Behaviour Tree and make it react to Stimuli coming from my ThirdPersonCharacter following this series of tutorials:…AE47Yez7EAyKMu

I am now trying to get the AI to perceive a Stimuli from an Actor but I noticed in the debug that the Actor’s root is not following its mesh (that I applied physic to). On this topic…physics-actors two persons were talking about making the StaticMesh the root for the Actor but I can’t find precise explanations on how to proceed. Could you help me to understand how to do it please? Does it maybe requires C++?

I also tried to achieve the same result by spawning the items but it appeared even way more difficult to me to get the moving spawned mesh to be the Source of a Stimuli. I also haven’t been able to figure out how the Ai would be able to distinguish these objects from the player. I imagined that I should use tags or the distinction between friends and enemies but I couldn’t’ find more precise information and I gave up.

I know that I might be asking too many questions at once but I guess that it is more useful to explain all my concerns as they could be related to one another. I am sorry if these topics have already been tackled. I just couldn’t manage to find explanations that would be precise enough regarding my current understanding of Unreal. Anyway thanks for any input!