Make Spine face Direction on Right Stick Question

Hi. So in C++ I’ve setup a Rotator variable which I want to drive the direction the spine faces on my pawn through the Anim Even graph.

When I add a Print screen to see what the readout is for the Rotator in the Anim Blueprint I get 0,0,0. When I code it in C++ to print out the Rotator it prints out correctly and gives me proper values. So the problem I’ve got is trying to read the variable in the blueprint. This is my blueprint:


I cast to my pawn, then get the MyRightStickRotator variable, but why would it read as 0,0,0?


So I’ve finally got my variable set up so my Anim blueprint can read it but the spine isn’t moving as I intended.
when I set up the Transform Bone node the spine rotates it’s Roll 90 degrees. When I try and change the values in the rotation tab, when I compile it resets them back to 0. I’ve tried setting rotation mode to additive, but this rotates the spine based on the direction the pawn is facing which isn’t what I want. I want the spine to face the direction pushed on the right stick regardless of camera angle - so world space.

I tried rotating the roll on the socket I linked to the spine but that doesn’t seem to work either.


How would I stop the spine bone rotating it’s roll by 90 degrees please?