Make packaging errors really easy to find

Currently, I package a project. It takes 20 minutes. Then I get 32 errors, 3853 warnings, etc. etc. The only way to figure out what happened is to look through the output log file very carefully. The problem is, the log file is 17527 lines of text. I currently copy/paste the log file to a notepad document and then do ctrl+f with the keyword “error” to find where my errors are. They’re sprinkled all over the log.

What I would like to see is an error log similar to visual studio: You have an output log and you can see just your errors, double click on one, and it takes you straight to the source of the error. Alternatively, at least just create separate logs: One is an “error log” and another is a “warning log”, so I don’t have to scan through stuff I don’t care about (like baking & saving log entries). These could be nested under: “Window -> Developer tools -> Log”