Make our own function to transit between ViewTargets in FViewTargetTransitionParams

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if I have a lack of knowledge in Unreal (yes for sure).

I’m currently extending the APlayerCameraManager and I need to blend between ViewTargets in other way that basic interpolation (binding a UFUNCTION() instead of an enum EViewTargetBlendFunction)

It could be great to have the same thing than FLatentActionInfo or FCallbackInfo.

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Try camera modifier, i.e. I used to blend cinematic camera to gameplay camera.

That’s what I use but for not heavy behaviours (avoid walls & floors or focus a target actor…) But I will use that if I need a specific behaviour for blending during game to cinematic.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Another question : Is it possible to get the actors inside a level sequence ? I need to blend my game camera to another located inside a level sequence (basicaly, my camera blend to the position of the cine cam’s transform at frame 0 and blend from cine cam to game cam from the last frame position ) It’s to make 0 cut in my game (like the last God Of War cinematics)