Make objects NOT invisible from their inside

Let’s say I have a Cube object, and I’m looking from it’s inside.
Now it seems like I’m not in the object, and I can see the rest of the scene.

  1. But, I want it to be realistic, and have the cube’s rectengles block my view. How is that done ?

  2. After answering question 1, I should see nothing, as it’s dark inside the cube.
    How can I edit the cube object, and delete 1 of it’s rectengles, so light can move into the cube ?


Lighting is based on a mesh’s normals, and single-sided geometry only has normals on one side. either use double-sided geometry for interiors or use a two-sided material.

Think of it like a house brick, you have the outside surface, and the inside surface. A Brick with only one surface like a (plane) lets light in one side because it has a thickness of 0

Your second question makes me think you aren’t creating the box in a 3d DCC though.
here’s a picture of a cube with the front faces cut out, the green lines coming off each face is the normal, and UE4 will use that to calculate lighting.
check out some of the starter tutorials on youtube for blender/maye/3dsmax (whichever one you decide to use)

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