Make looting system by "watch and nearby object" , How is it?

How does blueprint work for this action? can someone draw a blueprint for me to make it happen pls.
I want interact like a skyrim by watch them and nearby them.

This is a standard RPG mechanics you need for a character. Things like following you need in place.

  • A Range Sphere to limit the ray tacing to objects around you.
  • A Inventory class which holds your onventory objects
  • A pickable object type class which should be inheriting from inventory class for the objects which can be picked.
  • Few events like On Pickup Event, On Drop Event to let the character mesh know about this and you can do some graphical changes as well
  • Few animation triggers to animate the pick and drop item action.

All this can be done in Blueprints and c++ both. That’s the power of Unreal.

You can find numerous examples on Unreal Marketplace and also can buy few sample projects which have this mechanics.