Make Level outside UE4

Is possible to make the map/level outside UE4 for example on Autocad?

Yes, as long as you can export it as a fbx or heightmap (landscape) it should work :slight_smile:

And it will have some impact on performance compared to BSP? Or it will have some diference between fbx and make inside of UE4?

Actually it will have a better performance ^^ -> bsp are just used to protoype your level + for basic stuff

I export my existent map to Autocad but my whole map is in one piece :frowning:

That’s the main problem when you create your entire map in a 3d program -> normally you just create the meshes for the level in the 3d program and after that you create the level in the engine.

I dont know how you can import the file as separate meshes into autocad, but in the ue4 you have to disable “combine meshes” -> but this will just import the meshes and you will have to recreate the level in your 3d program. So either you re-create your level in the UE4 or use one single mesh for it -> I think that there are some scene exportes for the UE4 and 3ds max (just search for it on the internet)

There is a Trello card about the feature to important all of the static meshes from an FBX in their original position. You can vote it up here: Trello