Make character rotate after camera has rotated

I’m trying to make the character face where the camera is looking once the camera has rotated, I manage to rotate the character, but only visually, if I try to move where the character is supposed to be facing it doesn’t go that way, still faces the other way for character movement, how could I fix this?

To rotate the camera I use this:

You didn’t show your movement implementation. But since you’re rotating the MeshComponent, if you want to move forward using AddMovementInput, the mesh’s forward vector must be pass to the AddMovementInput node.

Something looks like:

Mesh -> GetForwardVector

and connect the return value to the World Direction pin on the AddMovementInput node.

How could I connect it, right now is like this:

Hi try change your movement BP like this:

Where “mesh” is your mesh you’re rotating, and other two node refer to these: