make Camera follow pitch/roll (dampen)

I was wondering if anyone knows how to do a camera like in this video -

basically like in a flight simulator. My current issue is the camera in my flying game basically either 1. with use controller view rotation on only changes the rotation of the actor and not the camera, or 2. has use controller view rotation off, which locks it to the back of the player only and doesn’t smoothly turn - rather it just looks like an unrealistic spectator camera or something.

What I’m trying to achieve is the actor rotates, let’s say pitch, and then the camera slowly follows it until they’re flat to eachother again. This is slightly opposite to the video I realize, where the camera changes pitch first then the actor follows, but It’s sort of the same concept. I’m looking for something much like this, which is probably a better example (credit to the game air brawl on kickstarter):

I kind of am guessing it has to do with springarms, but I have no idea how to use them, I’ve been looking up tutorials but to no avail and the only dampened camera tutorial is for a sidescroller.

If anyone could give me an idea on how to do this I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks!