Make blueprint component from brush group.

I have built a door in the editor that I want to use as a component for a blueprint. I grouped
a few brushes and materials. Is it possible to make a mesh out of this group and use it as a
component in a blueprint? The purpose is to make a functional hinged door.

You can select your brushes and in the details panel click ‘Convert to Static Mesh’ (under the advanced pulldown in the “Brush Settings” section). This will convert those brushes into a single static mesh.

There is a small bug at the moment where the initial mesh will have invalid lightmap settings set at the moment. You can fix this be editing the mesh in the Static Mesh editor (double click on the meshes thumbnail in the details panel) and setting the lightmap resolution (under “Static Mesh Settings”) to something other than zero, for example 64.

Unfortunately, what you described would be easy as pie except that there are no such options for a “group” of brushes. And doing them individually would be

The issue is that BSP brushes can not be parented. Does anyone know of a way around this?

I managed to dig a little deeper into what I was doing. I had to completely ungroup everything to make the meshes.