Make animations smoother?

Hello, my transition from idle to walk/walk to idle is not smooth at all, it’s abrupt
How can this be fixed?

I haven’t delved into Animation Blueprint… but I think there is a thing called “Blend Space”
This might help you.

yeah, a blend space will morph two animations together via a pre-set variable such as the velocity of your game character… typically on a graph of 0-600, 0 plays an idle animation, 600 would be your fastest walking animation, and it’ll transition from one to the next smoothly… this is especially good if youre playing with a game controller where your characters movement speed is going to be variable based on how far the thumbstick is moved where an axis value between 0 and 1, (say .5 for example) will be a mixture of your idle and your walking animation played together

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Hi guys, thanks for your replies

I have blend spaces, 2D blenspaces to be precise. But still movement is horrible, I will show my blueprint