Make an open world game with $0 budget!

Hey Guys! Do you want to create an open world game but don’t want to spend any money? Look no further! This is a full playlist regarding exactly that! Be sure to like and subscribe if you like what you see!

Link to Channel :-

Link To Playlist :-
Create an Open World Game with $0 Budget! - YouTube

Thanks everyone! Peace!

Hi, nice start in your series! I was just wondering what other systems you have planned for your tutorials?

Fortnite no

Hello @TheReaper1734,

Fantastic series! The discord link is not working, please post a working discord link here. I’m creating a tutorial series on ‘Building a Game Dev Studio with 0 Budget’. Do you have Team? If not, would you consider joining ours? We could use your experience with 0 Budget development:)

Keep up the great work.