Make actor face random point in radius or direction?

I’m trying to get an actor face a random point in a radius or a random point in a specific direction and I was wondering if there’s an easier way to do this than creating a TargetPoint actor and using SetFocus and ClearFocus?

The way I have it now, I am creating a TargetPoint actor in the direction I want the actor to face, then running a “Get All Actors Of Class” and using “SetFocus” on the last TargetPoint actor in the array. It seems like there could be an easier way to do this with vectors, but SetFocus needs an Actor Object reference.

Hi man,
you dont really need actors , and even less the get all actor of class, because there is no asurance that the order will be the same every time! (someone told me that)

just set the rotation of the actor, using “” Find Look at Rotation | Unreal Engine Documentation
you just give him your actor location , and where you want he look.
use the rotation to “Set actor location”

Thank you! I was able to make this work for what I needed.