Make a user registration and game payment system.

Hi to everyone.
I posted this topic in this section because what I have to do I think it is possibile with c++.
I would like to insert into my main menù game a c++ class witch (before entering in game level) draws a registration user and payment form. While user fills out the form, c++ system creates an alphanumeric key witch (once user had successfully paid and payment was received ) is sent to user who inserts the key into a form and begin to play game. And at the same time user registration data are stored into a database.
I think that this is a very simple system but the question is “it is possibile?” because I have no found any information about payment system.

Well the only thing you’d really be doing in engine is getting the information and sending it to your server/database. The systems you can use to do all of this will probably be determined by what platform you’re planning to release on.

Thank you for answer. The game planned platform is Windows and Mac so it’s made for desktop PC. Everything I read is that there seems to be only Android and IOS plugin for purchasing and I didn’t undestand why.
Nobody has finished a game and made it saleable??

Sure, people are selling games. But you wouldn’t typically have the user buying the game through the game, that wouldn’t make any sense. You’d have them make the purchase through a storefront (your website perhaps), and if you were wanting authentication keys you’d have to generate them with an algorithm on your server side. The user would then be sent the key and enter it in game to authenticate.

If you’re talking micro-transactions, then I don’t know if many systems outright support that on PC and Mac.