Make a Screenshot and send it per email

Hey guys,

I’m developing an IOS app. If a certain button ist clicked/tapped a blueprint should make a screnshot an send it with some additional text as email with the default IOS mail app.
I found a way to make a screenshot but there are no information about sending an Email plus attachment with a blueprint.
Can anyone help me? Or is it just not not possible to do this at the moment?

Thanks a lot!


Has no one an idea?

I haven’t done this before but I would have it go to a dedicated location over a network and make sure that location can have a rule made to turn it into an email. I would google how to send and receive server messages in UE4.

You’ll need to call some sort of function that interacts with the Mail app in IOS, I suggest that you have a moderator move this thread over to the IOS development sub-forum.

If I could read that it was on IOS I would of came up to the same conclusion. I thought you were trying to do it like on a console or computer.

Is there any solution for this in windows??