Make a Hit Event form a sphere inside the blueprint and not the whole blueprint

Hi, I am looking a way to call an event of HIT from the object inside the blueprint, the problem is that I need to call this event in the level Blueprint and not in the object blueprint.

Anyone have an idea?

If I select the object the only option that appears is the component HIT (I would love to have a sub class with all the objects inside my blueprint so I select what object I need to be hit)

Thanks, I am all the day looking for a solution to this.

  1. Create a variable inside your actor taking the hist called b_Hit
  2. If hit, set b_Hit to 1
  3. In Level blueprint, get b_Hit from that actor
  4. On Event Tick, Perform events in level blueprint.
  5. Set b_Hit to 0 in level blueprint after all other events are performed.

This tells the level blueprint that the actor has been hit, any other information associated with the hit will have to be passed as separate variables if desired.

Thanks for the help KTML. I am not used to it with variables, in my case I divided the blueprint in 2 parts, it was the only logical way in my head. I will study a little more about how the use of variables. Thanks fo the help.