Make a game like this? UE4 or search for something else?

I want to make a game in the same vein as this

its old as hell but gave me some cool ideas.

i wanted it to be sort of like a virtual table setting with a DM at the end and you going through the story by making decisions at key points.

Ill be honest i have little knoulege of what engines are out there other then the main ones ie, cryengine, UE4, unity, RPGmaker, game maker.

rpgmaker and game maker may not give me the depth i need.

i want it to also be very easy to mod in the sense of player created adventures.

i wanted to make a platform for digital PnP tabletop style adventures for one.
launch it with a set of campaigns that last about say the 20 hour mark.
sell extra adventures for maybe $2-$5 depending on what they are like in length.

and allow players to make their own.

maybe after a while expand it to cater for additional players.

but i need a decent engine that can handle it without too much effort.
i figure c++ could help me, code in the table as the level use code to move and track the players on the board, code for dice rolls, and handle the majority of the game play with animated movements and dialogue.
when something happens as in the example give the player options, i would go much deeper then the example in the way of choice but in the same veins.

i doubt the game would reach a broad audience, but its something personally i wished existed and would love to play, i want to make it as a money maker for me, while being able to play campaigns made by other players as well.

Hi Okettekoneko,

While I have not looked at the Wizards example, I suspect that something along the lines of Tabletop Simulator would be able to do what you are needing.
I have not used the Tabletop Simulator but have heard it being used for tabletop RPGs.


its maybe similar in looks a bit but the gameplay is not comparable.

its closer to fantasy grounds but the game master is controlled by AI.
kind of like a pic your own adventure type thing but with DnD style mechanics.

Yes easily possible, probably really easy actually.

Would require lots of fancy rolls and decision making, but lots of loops, setting variable, calling from Arrays. Used to make them in Qbasic all the time.

nice! do you know of any good documentation or tutorials that would apply to what i am after?

Erm not sure really, the main tutorials on youtube (the Epic ones) are a good place to start, they talk about loops and variables.

The grid for the tabletop would probably be a construction script using loops to determine the size, there’s a random dungeon generator tutorial on youtube (again an epic one).

You could have text which could be generated by having default filler strings which are modified with “this monster”, “does this” etc etc. All these could be stored in an array which is paired with int value or float values for damage or health, these could in turn be exposed for quick easy additions or creating whole new scenario’s.

Dice rolls are fairly easy, although random int/floats can often give the same results making dice simulation a bit sketchy, found this out with my Tetris like puzzle game.

The best thing I could suggest is have a play, set yourself an objective. For instance have a character (hero) that doesn’t move at all (top down template) then after x seconds spawn a randomly generated enemy (could be just a box in a blueprint) that has HP based on the above array idea (or however many stats you want stored). Then some text generation (just using print/log node) that can be used to test out some ideas.

The great thing about the unreal engine 4 with its blueprints is you can be as untidy or amateur as you like as long as it works and you think logically you can get something rough together and then refine it, play around and learn by doing. The tutorial will be so much more helpful to get you unstuck rather than guide you along.

not a bad idea, the game i had in mind at least in the beginning would use predefined placements and dungeons, adding randomization could come later.

another feature i wanted to add was a text to speech engine implemented in the game, so the DM reads out what is written.
this would save time with voice acting and when there comes player generated content they can have it voice acted in a sense as well.

i was going to fix the reading issues that text to voice programs have by having 2 scripts, one for the displayed text and one for the read text the second text can be edited phonetically for as close to correct pronunciation without the displayed text looking odd.