Make a bigger Trike that collects Stone

Hy, i find it sad that i don´t use Dinos like the Trike no longer when you get something like the Stego or Bronto.

So i think it would be cool if i can make them Collect Stone Fiber Thatch whatever is harder to get at the moment because of lag of an Dinosaur that harvests this stuff.

So i managed on my own to make my own Trike in own colors and just a little bit bigger with more weight to carry and let it spawn with no problem.

Now im at the point were i will let him collect just stone.

As i can see in the Trike file it must have something to do with the Harvesting and Damagetype files.

So i think i had to change something in DmgType_Melee_Dino_Herbivore_Medium or even better had to make a new DmgType file for the new Trike?

My question is what exact files i had to change in order to make the Trike collect stone.

Really big thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english im out of school for too long xD