Major - You cant see enabled/disabled buttons when joining in progress

When a player joins in progress, the following bugs exist:
-Can’t see which buttons are enabled/disabled (their color on the button shows as enabled (green), even if disabled (should be orange)
-You can see interaction text prompts for disabled buttons

To repro, have a disabled button and have a player join a game that has been started by another player.

I have a few buttons that are disabled from the game start, they should be enabled later using Verse. This works correctly for the player who joins first and starts the game. However, if a second player joins mid-game, they can see the interaction prompt and interaction animation for those buttons.

It is a major issue because

  1. These buttons are spoilers and reveal too early what will or can happen in the game
  2. It is poor behavior because players are confused and are wasting time trying to interact with buttons that do nothing. They should be properly hidden like for the first player

logged a ticket in case this bug was not submitted ref 1219382