Major - UEFN - Documentation lacking and searching web provides irrelevant results (Niagara, material editor)

I ve posted this before, but I am getting annoyed at how hard it is to find information on ANY of the tools in Unreal Engine. Convoluted answers, old deprecated solutions, 1 hr seminars, non-relevant results, the list goes on.

Here is today’s example. I am looking to add an emission cooldown to a niagara particle, so that it doesn’t fire constantly. Searching for that in the web gives the following results:

Search term: “cooldown between emission particle ue4”

Search term: “cooldown between emission niagara ue4”

The blurred result shows how to do it with blueprints, so not relevant to my case, then the next result is completely random to what I searched:

3rd attempt:

Changing the engine to “Unity” gives the result:

So I don’t understand, why is this so difficult? Mind you, this is for everything I try to find, not just this case.

Thank you for the feedback, I’ve passed it along to the EDC team.