[MAJOR] Creatures stop moving and targeting the players if they detect a nearby damage source

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When Creatures take damage from the Primal Stink Bow’s stink cloud, they’ll all move towards it, and stand inside of the damaging cloud until it disappears.

  • Players in maps can abuse this to make Creatures go essentially wherever they want!

This is also an issue with ALL damaging Traps, and especially the Fire Trap.

  • When the trap sets off, nearby Creatures all rush towards it in an attempt to destroy it.
  • If caught under the Fire Trap’s fire, Creatures will remain stuck there INDEFINITELY.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Place down a Creature Spawner
  • Drop a Primal Stink Bow with Arrows
  • Start the Game
  • Have Creatures chase you and run around
  • Fire the Primal Stink Bow near a Creature so it takes at least one tick of damage

Expected Result

  • Creatures will continue chasing the player

Observed Result

  • All Creatures nearby stop and rush towards the stink cloud and stand inside of it until it disappears



Additional Notes

  • I assume this happens because Creatures aggro all Traps and try to destroy them since a few updates ago (bad).
  • This behavior is also incorrectly used for the Stink Bow. But since the stink clouds can’t be destroyed, they’ll stand in the cloud and take damage confused, until it disappears.

Hoping this gets noticed