Major - Any issue on verse code removes all references from creative devices

Yes, I know there is a workaround, but let’s assume I am a beginner and I get the popup that says rebuild, continue, or close level.

So I press continue, the level loads, and while I am investigating the code, the level autosaves, removing all references from the verse creative devices that contain the code that doesn’t work.

And all this happened because I continued editing a verse script when UEFN closed, and when it opened up, it checked the code and found an error (because it was incomplete iirc). I dont even remember saving my script in VS.

And this caused all my references to simply go away in the creative device and the device doesn’t function at all unless replaced (so even if you replace the references in the scene, it wont work).

But my case is besides the point, why is there no failsafe for this?

We have consistently lost device connections in every project that has verse so far, and every time it’s a different reason. Why does UEFN allow for creative devices to save when they have verse errors in the first place? Just make it check first and not save if the code is not built correctly, and it would solve all cases where we lost all references.

I’m facing that just right now. I don’t know why, but my device manager is losing references to another devices and this is grinding me up.

Whenever you get the message I mentioned above, simply restart UEFN.

UCB-1196 incident has been created. Status is ‘Awaiting Validation’.