Main Menu should work perfectly but does not

Here is where I am at. I will try to be as clear as possible.
When I push play, the main menu pops up and it all works fine besides the start game button, it restarts the main menu not starts the game.
The game starts behind the main menu on its own.
AND when I push start game the main menu stays on the screen.
I did just duplicate my Gamemode blueprint and renamed it MainMenuMode that might have something to do with it?

Screenshot (4) is my main menu widget blueprint. Notice the start game button is suppose to open the level then close the widget.

Screenshot (5) is my Blank Main Menu Level World Settings.

Screenshot (6) is my Main Level World Settings.

Screenshot (7) is my Main Levels, level blueprint.

Screenshot (8) are both game mode blueprints since I just duplicated it for the Main Menu Game Mode and the regular Game mode.