Made a custom Event BUT its not showing up under CALL FUNCTION.

How do I access my custom event so i can beable to call it ? I kept getting Set Event popping up instead of Call event node. Second Issue I’m having. The Dialog Text works and displays in the widget but the Dialog Speaker Pic won’t show up with the Dialog text. The code has been entered in to get it to read the data table but for some unknown reason the speaker Pic code its not getting through into the widget to display it along with my text… I don’t know much about these widgets.

I Just want the dialog text to just pop up with the speaker pic according to the speaker pic id that’s in the data table… But I don’t want the trigger to be popping up just random pics each time that I step into the trigger…

Unfortunately I cannot get any of the speaker pics to show up with my dialog because
the widget that is supposed to display up the speaker pic for some reason is not showing up the pic but only showing up just the text and I don’t know why. So the text is all working, just not the pic display.

The guy who gave me his pic code for the dialog did it on version 4.15 of the engine and I’m using ver 4.14 because my machine can’t even handle running ver 4.15 and just crashes… But the engine informed me after migration that it can’t change the variables in his code because the variables were created in an engine version that was newer than the engine I had migrated the project into, so I had no choice but to have to delete his project and start again.

I forgot that Unreal Engine is not backward compatible and I’ve been at this for hours trying to get this piece of code to work but I just couldn’t get it to work in 4.14. Can someone check these images to tell me what’s going wrong with the code because I cannot locate where the bug is that’s stopping
the widget from displaying the speaker pic.

Third Person Example Blueprint. (The Level Blueprint from the Box Trigger)

Update Dialog Function Code

The Widget Function Code.

Widget Event Code