Macros and DrawTexture nodes problem .

I’m trying to make a system that will add a texture each time i pick an object ( The texture is picked from that object ), and every time i pick an object it’s texture will shows up in the player view right above the previews texture so it will look like a column of textures after the player picked up several objects .
For some reason, it keeps showing the same texture and moving it’s place up instead of adding an other texture and put that texture in the new higher place .

The system supposed to support up to 100 objects/images .

Is the Macro system using the same “Draw Texture” node on each one of them ?! I take into account that it uses different “Draw Texture” node for each one of them, otherwise i will just have to duplicate 100 nodes and it will get messy, Is there any better way to do this kind of thing ?

Ok i’v solved it . some how… XD