Macro "library" KILLED 4 WEEKS OF WORK

I shut down the editor and pc with a perfectly working game , now 2h later the editor cannot open a single BP even a new empty one.

I opened some example projects and the first couple of times it couldn’t open their BP too but after few tries it started working OK.

Now it wont open any BP which is in my project. I create an empty BP and cannot open it , I migrate the whole project and cannot open anything.

When I migrate 1 Random BP I can open and edit it without any problem. I am using interfaces and macros

**Edit: ** Since I don’t post until I spend a good hour looking at the problem I found that my “Macro Library” was killing the build and this is not the first time… last time it was an “Interface library” so Epic take a look into this.

here is a download

Hi Midnight640,

Please post this on the answerhub here in the bug reports section so we can better assist you. Thank you and have a great day!