Macro: ForEachLoop, repeat operation x times with delay between repeats before next item's operation

Hi guys,

This takes an array of items, checks the length, then for each item in array performs the “A output” a specific number of times with a specific delay between each repeat, before moving on to the next item in the array. From “A output” connect to whatever function etc you want then loop it back into the “A Back In”.

Mainly to avoid “for each loop” skipping timed events.

I made this for a very specific case where the end effect is a combination of operations performed on all items in an array which in turn affect one single output.
Total health effected and displayed in real time by several different damage types of differing amounts and rates.
The input duration and repeat can be set via loop backs using the output index as first item is always index 0 getting data from whatever source your using,
I was running this off 2 maps of “enums” and “floats”, weird case but could be of use for others. :slight_smile: