Mac Windowed-Mode Blurry

Hey there,
I do need to package the same project for mac aswell.
Windows/PC everything is fine.
When i open the project for mac also everything is fine, even the Play-in-editor shows me sharp and clean UI.
After i package the Game on Mac the font and other stuff is kinda blurry/noisy.
I already followed some advices from:

I did change the checkbox “Allow Hight DPI in Game Mode”. Didnt work!
I do need the project as “Windowed-Mode”! Fullscreen is no option.

It has to do something with the Retina-Screen on mac but no clue.
The project sets on init in Game-User-Settings -> Window-Mode -> ScreenResolution 1280-720 -> Apply Settings.

Pls help me out
Thx guys :slight_smile:

Bump…Has nobody really had such a problem before? :eek: