Mac - painfully slow map load time, encoding textures

I bought an asset from the market place, and added it to a new blank project. I open the blank project with the new content, find the Map in the content and then begin loading the map.

UE4 just gives me a beachball and becomes not-responding in Activity Monitor with 300%-400% cpu load. I wait, and wait, and then I realized it’s just taking an incredibly long time to load - even taking 5 minutes to move from 84% to 85% in loading the map. After waiting for long enough (I’d say close to 30 minutes), the map loads.

Every time I build lightning on the map - after the editor is going through the light build process - it “completes”, but then it gets to Encoding Textures - which just beachballs at 50% (encoding light maps). Trying the same tactic of wait and hope it hasn’t crashed - I wait for around 15 minutes at which point it finally stops beach balling and finishes.

This same asset, ran on the same computer in Windows 8.1 (bootcamp) runs fine - loads within a minute, lighting gets built with no hiccup in reasonable time.

  1. What’s my best course of action here? Maybe there’s an obvious way to fix this problem?
  2. How can I have a good workflow for building/deploying to iOS if I can’t run the editor well on OS X and don’t have another machine to set my Mac up as a remote build system?

My machine specs:
16gb ram
2.3ghz quad i7
gt750m 2gb
512gb solid state

UE 4.6
OSX 10.10.1
Windows 8.1 (bootcamp)

Asset in question:
Top-down city, loading the Showcase map.

Loading is probably too long, but the lightmap encoding isn’t surprising. I haven’t used UE4 on Mac, but when moving projects in Unity to Mac and it had to recompress the textures it would take all day.

Weird. The thing that gets me is that on windows it’s really fast.

Have you reported on AnswerHub? If not, do it, and make sure the category is Bug Report. This shouldn’t be happening.

In the early days of UE4 (the first version of Unreal that ran on a Mac), Mac performance really lagged behind Windows and I would usually bootcamp because of the difference. Since 4.4, however, I’ve found the performance to be roughly comparable. I often use UE4 on my laptop which, I believe, is the same machine you have (15" MacBook Pro model with discrete GPU).

If you were seeing differences measured in seconds, I’d write it off to driver differences, but beachballing for minutes is definitely a bug and it should be reported so they know about it and can investigate.


When I have time over the holiday, I’ll test the differences and come up with something more concrete to write down on paper and post on AnswerHub.

I’m gathering up a whole slew of stability issues I’m regularly encountering - I can’t go 30 minutes without getting a SIGSEGV doing even menial tasks.

I’m usually working with the OSX (Although I’ve windows running via bootcamp, but Mac is for Mac), when it comes to lightmaps, I fire the process, cancel the OSX sleep, enable the screensaver, turn off the screen and finally leave my seat for a while. And usually doing it before going to bed :smiley:
Fyi: I’m running on 8GB ram.


Hey, I need help. When I start a project, UE4 is great. A little difficult to figure out, sure, but great. However… If I save, and close everything out, the try to open it and load my project, it’s so incredibly slow, even completely still, and it’s crashed my Mac twice now. Any fix? Also, it says I need to rebuild lighting, and that there are 18 unbuilt things, what does this mean, and why? I’m developing a horror Maze game, but this is killing it…