Lyra and general UE questions! Long post sorry :(

TLDR; I’m trying to figure out why they are doing things in certain ways for Lyra. Also it’s kinda difficult figuring out if what you are doing is “correct”. There’s tons of information (Mostly bad from what I’ve seen) online. It’s hard knowing whats actually good and stuff you should use vs all the bad examples… Not even on youtube. I mean even on “learning sites” like udemy and other places.

UE5 is amazing and I’ve been loving it. Stability is great (UE4 used to constantly crash for me. Just a hardware issue but nothing I could really fix since I’m just working off a laptop lol) and that’s been the biggest thing for me. :raised_hands: (Just wanted to give some praise) :raised_hands:

But I have a couple of questions that I’m hoping someone might be able to answer in the future. I’ve been going through the Lyra project the last … 2 days now? 3 almost? I don’t know lol anyway everything in the project is done so differently from what I’ve seen elsewhere. Part of me wonders if everything I was doing previously is just incorrect.

Whats the point of the Invis skeletons?
You have the B_Manny and B_Quinn, and their invis skeletons… There are a few things going to it, cosmetics, vfxmacros, etc. But why not just put that in B_Manny/Quinn? Whats the point of the invis skeletons?

Whats the point of the CopyPose ABP?
I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to do, it just has an animbp that goes to the skeleton w/ animations. I’m still not entirely sure how or why. The only reference to the CopyPose is the Skeleton which has the animations. So whats the purpose of the CopyPose?

Why have C++ UI elements?
Maybe I just don’t know anything about UI (Wouldn’t surprise me tbh) lol but I’m a little confused on some of these. In the shooterhud, everything is either just using other widgets which have the blueprints - I get that. But the other things like the reticle… ExtensionPoint_Reticle which is obviously just in C++, and just there for the tag. Wait. Are these GAS related somehow?

Also, I know this might be a really stupid question. But if I install the 5.0 source build… Would I be able to build it and then see what the UIExtensionPointWidget is doing?

I could go on for basically ever. I know they’re using GAS, so, maybe a lot of why it’s so different is because of that… I’m still pretty new to gas. But I’d love some more insight on how/why things are done the way they are done in Lyra.

It’s so interesting and I just want to make sure what I’m doing in the future is actually correct. There are SO many tutorials on youtube doing things incorrectly. I’m still pretty new to UE, I’ve only really started using it since late last year. And there doesn’t appear to be a lot of actual, decent information for making things proper so to speak. I’ve gone over a lot of the stuff provided from epic, but a lot of the time it’s really lacking in a lot of ways, there’s not a lot of depth to it. Like the old UMG UI article - Which I think was this one? I don’t know, I can’t access it anymore because of UE5 articles. Page Not Found | Unreal Engine Documentation but if that’s the one I went through before, it was more or less “make a vertical box, it holds things vertically. in the vertical box, add a button” “Now lets add text and then set visibility, and so on” kind of thing. It was pretty bare bones. So like, how do people really go about learning how to do things?

Some things are obvious that most people know about… But I still see people putting out videos on youtube running like multiple sequences off tick on tons of BPs… I mean just massive things that are really, really bad. It might work in the 3rd person template map with just a few objects for a quick test. But it obviously wouldn’t work for an actual real game… It’s tough figuring out whats actually good sometimes when there’s so much bad info out there.


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