Luos's Modular Rocks & Cave package

Any updates on the LOD’s?

Yay for the forums not sending me a message about this post.
There is currently (and probably never) an easy way to add a hole or pit into one of the meshes.
I might at some point release a small max-file with some basic setup so others can add new elements, but due to the seamless-texture setup its rather convoluted.

Working on it, but due to being really busy it might take a while.

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Damnit, missed the sale. Still have this one on my wishlist. Soo, any sale anytime soon? ;p

Unfortunately, I had to release without LOD’s in place. I tried generating my own, but I didn’t see much performance improvement and the seams between sections looked awful.

On the plus side, I am very pleased with how they look on the PS4 and PSVR:

I recently recieved the LOD-Versions from Manny from InstaLOD, but it will take me quite a few days to implement them and with current client work I barely have any time left. So I cant guarantee when they will be available.

Game looks great btw :slight_smile: hug

I have a question. It’s more related to any marketplace assets in general. If I was to buy let’s say a stone would I be allowed to make a game with it and sell it? I never understand where the limits are and the eula stuff doesn’t answer it for me. I was wondering because if you download something normally you shouldn’t be allowed to make money out of it or am I wrong? Or at least you can only do so with permission i think.

You can use anything in the marketplace in your game, as long as you only do so in the compiled game. You can’t include the uncompiled source files. (

basically this :slight_smile:


Long overdue but its done, package will be submitted soon.

4.19 update of the cave package, overhauling all of the master materials and reduced the master material by about 50 instructions, improved some setups, and redid all the additional shaders as well.

redid the gem shaders:

also redid the lamp shader (and model):

and also redid the mushroom shader a bit.

Does this update have the LODs?

You adventure trough a deep cavern, at the end you find a massive beast of infinite power +2 and manage to defeat it!
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Sorry missed this, no the LOD’s are still not in due to me being overworked and still not finding a good solution.
Keep in mind that due to the low-poly-ness of most parts the advantage would be fairly low, especially if one manages to cull any hallway/room thats not visible to the player.
That said, once I finally get around to finalizing the previous posted update the shader-setup would result in much less overhead since there are a lot less instances.

In the end I might end up paying someone to do it all trough ue4’s own lod gen system.

UE4’s lod generator causes the entrances to misalign. Typically if manually doing LOD you’d want to avoid that.

Yea I am not too happy with the build in LOD generator, control over certain parts of the mesh so things like that wont happen would be a nice addition.

So I finally have the time to improve upon the master material in this package.
It took quite some thought and a few iterations but I am rather proud of the result:

Old shader instructions:

new shader instructions:

This improvement is mainly by moving a lot of the uv-related math to the vertex shader (custom uv’s), overhauling the material functions, and fixing some things I did not have a clear understanding of back in the day.

I will try to keep as much as the variable names identical, but trying to support all the potential old stuff would result in a lot more instructions.
Because of that I took the liberty to remove some variables, combine some variables, and create a few new ones.
While this might break some stuff for people using and tweaking the material instances, recreating the settings should be faster due to less options that are more accurate.

In addition to this, it will now be way more optimal to merge meshes and reduce draw-calls as all meshes can now use the same material without needing an assortment of instances. (HLOD)

another improvement is the way I use pixeldepth to blend the texture in the distance to reduce tiling, resulting in a sharper texture up close (old shader started blending in right in front of the camera, while now it takes a (variable) 1000 units before it does so.

And the last improvement is less noise in the roughness and normal shader related math, resulting in a slightly more crisp experience.

Old material overview:

new material overview: (still needs some final tweaks, cleaning up, and rename some variables)

I expect to finish this tomorrow and will submit this asap. (for 4.19 and up)

I also considered the LOD situation, but truth be told, with how low poly these meshes already are I fear for more overhead, with so many meshes all of them having multiple LOD’s might not be worth it, especially considering these are caves with windy halls, so in most cases these meshes are already culled way before LOD2 or LOD3 would kick in, especially if an environment artist knows what they are doing and culls entire cave sections when they are not in view.

As for tessellation, while I am still considering to at least provide a “experimental” master material that has tessellation available, these meshes are too low poly to really make use of this.
I would need to edit all the meshes to have more polygons and significantly improve smooth out the polygon density, which is not something I want to do, or have time to do.
I’d have to redo the uv’s of 500 meshes, each containing 3-4 uv-channels worth.
Not to mention, I’d need to make sure people not wanting more polygons still have access to the old meshes, meaning I’d have to double the amount of meshes.
It might be more beneficial to try and use parallax occlusion mapping, but that would also intensify the instructions of the shader by a LOT.

Update should be up soon!

Here’s some screenshots of the updated pack (4.19 & up)

Hey there, I seem to be having trouble opening this SM : SM_LCave_CRLD_01 it gets as far as 52% then UE freezes, I’ve left it doing it’s thing for an hour incase it was just taking it’s time, but alas no. Any ideas what may be doing this?

Not sure why ue4 has so much issues with that mesh, you just have to wait it out sadly.
Nothing I can do about it :confused:
whenever I clear my cache and load up that mesh, it can take up to 15 minutes on my high end computer, but ive seen instances where it can take a few hours depending on the hardware.
After that though, it loads like normal.


4.19 just got a new update!

  • Pack is now Quixel Megascans ready!
  • Random UV when mesh moves around (for more variety per mesh)
  • AO options.
  • RMA-Packed version.
  • Desaturation of floor/Walls.
  • Some other additional tweaks.

Small update:

  • Exposed a parameter so you can tweak the detail normal its tiling, this can help a little when the camera can get close to the surfaces.

  • Tweaked a variable in the light-ray mesh material so the dust effect moves more naturally and can be tweaked more easily.

The update should be available in two days or so.