Luos's Free Noise Pack (And uv-distortion texture)

I’m giving away loads of free (VFX) noise textures & a neat material setup!


6 merged noise textures.
22 noise gradient textures.
28 noise normal maps.
Paste-file for UE4 material setup
Image to setup UE4 Material
Examples on how to set the texture options in ue4

Youtube link to info:

You are allowed to use these files in any project, commercial or not!
A thank you note in the credits is appreciated, but not needed.
You are not allowed to edit these images and/or resell them/give them away to others without my written permission.
In other words, used in a project: yes
Selling them as is: no.
Selling them edited: no.

Well… you get the point :slight_smile:

Cheers and take care!

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