Luoshuang's GPULightmass

Again making some comparison to confirm the changes I noticed time ago. For me, before 4.25, lighting was more accurate and depth:



Hi all

I’m facing the GPULightmass bake issue.
Scene baked before with the same version but now display the primitiveCount error.

“Assertion failed: primitiveCount > 0, file C:\UE4\GPULM-src\GPULightmass\GPULightmassKernel\BVH\EmbreeBVHBuilder.cpp, line 61”

All meshes are static

Swarm cleared, validated
Intermediate folder cleared
Lightmaps cleared (now all black)

Is there some solution?

Any news about build for 4.26?

4.26 has DXR Lightmass (besides RTX GPUs, 1060 6Gb and newer non-RTX GPUs are supported via driver)

I think one of you, experienced and active users on the forum (more than me), could create an “official” GPU lightmass thread, to speak there about it. If not, I will need to create it by myself! :rolleyes:

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forum doesn’t let me post meme without typing text… that’s an ancient tech

Hi Any update for luoshuang 4.26 gpu baker.,.I use ue4 4.26 version not stable.,

Does anybody know when will be an unreal version with native gpu lightmass? thank you

It’s already here - check 4.26 preview 2

Already exists and I didn’t realise!

Hi ! I’m trying to use GPU lighmasse on Unreal 4.25.3 and i have an issue, my shadows looks bad and lowres, not so long ago it worked very well and now it looks like this, if anyone has had this problem and can help me I would be grateful, my values on the BaseLightmass.ini are NumPrimaryGISamples=128 NumSecondaryGISamples=64
I also tried with compress lightmaps unchecked, and the resolution of the lightmap and the lightmass values are high so I don’t understand, thank you.

@YoungBikowt yes increase lightmap resolution for mesh.

yes increase lightmap resolution for mesh.

Hi all! Anyone has the 4.25.2 GPULM link??? :frowning:

4.25.4 is out. Waiting gpu lightmass for this version

Hey guys, is there any official thread for sharing experience with GPU-Lightmass Plugin 4.26 (beta)?

I already tried out some stuff and wanted to let you know: (right now using preview 4)
Had some issues with skylight and realized that it’s only calculated when I change some skylight settings while baking (in preview mode; f.ex. lighting intensity +0.1). This even works when I don’t activate virtual textures at all.
Which brings me to my second experience: Previewing is nice to have but I can only make sure that I got good FPS and no artifacts when I disable virtual textures (I got a big scene). Maybe you know if there’s another solution with better virtual texture settings?
Still I have lots of crashes and errors I don’t know a lot about, but I thought it might be useful to kind of share these things with you!

Im using RTX 2080 TI.


is posible to use and AMD videocard whit this ?

Hey, can someone upload for 4.25.4 please ? Thank you

Regards! :wink: