Luoshuang's GPULightmass

If I understood this works only on Nvidia gpu-s? Since I wanted to try this on multiple Radeon RX570 cards is there a way to make that possible?

Thanks alot!

Why there is no Task Manager performance in GPU ( RTX 2070 ) after installing GPU lightmass 4.25 ?


Hi, I’m running into an issue in my current project using GPU Lightmass and UE 4.24. It’s a small flat (for archviz) but it’s come to a point where I get an “out of memory” error when I try to render. Does this mean that I can’t make scenes too detailed in the future? Am I doing something wrong? I run a gtx1080 and 16Gigs of Ram. What workarounds are there?

Please help, I get a message:
render out of memory
When I render with GPU, my video card is a gtx 1650 super 4gigas. Before upgrading to U 4.25 it didn’t happen to me.
Thanks for the help

I have problem with 4.26 gpu lightmass when i build light

pleas somebody help me


i am having this problem with some large lightmaps. I think it is related to mip. When i am closer lightmap seems to be smooth, but at some distance i get this kind of compression banding… any ideas? I have already built at top quality settings, lightmap resolution, is hight, compression is disabled.



i have disabled mip gen setting in the lightmap (lucky i found it), to no mip maps. and now it look ok.


Question: Is there a way to force all lightmaps to nomipmap?

Does lighting quality (Preview->Production quality) do anything when using GPU Lightmass?

nothing. Only .ini, and number of indirect bounces in lightmass settings.

With the new GPU lightmass in 4.26 how can I setup swarm to bake with multiple machines? Is this possible?

Again making some comparison to confirm the changes I noticed time ago. For me, before 4.25, lighting was more accurate and depth:



Hi all

I’m facing the GPULightmass bake issue.
Scene baked before with the same version but now display the primitiveCount error.

“Assertion failed: primitiveCount > 0, file C:\UE4\GPULM-src\GPULightmass\GPULightmassKernel\BVH\EmbreeBVHBuilder.cpp, line 61”

All meshes are static

Swarm cleared, validated
Intermediate folder cleared
Lightmaps cleared (now all black)

Is there some solution?

Any news about build for 4.26?

4.26 has DXR Lightmass (besides RTX GPUs, 1060 6Gb and newer non-RTX GPUs are supported via driver)

I think one of you, experienced and active users on the forum (more than me), could create an “official” GPU lightmass thread, to speak there about it. If not, I will need to create it by myself! :rolleyes:

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forum doesn’t let me post meme without typing text… that’s an ancient tech

Hi Any update for luoshuang 4.26 gpu baker.,.I use ue4 4.26 version not stable.,

Does anybody know when will be an unreal version with native gpu lightmass? thank you

It’s already here - check 4.26 preview 2